Move over Hollywood, Weedswood is where it’s at!

The hub recently hosted theatre company, Alternate Shadows, who kindly donated their time and expertise to help our manager Jaye, film a short sketch she’s written.

Alternate Shadows: l-r Owen, Alex, Mike, Mick, Sophia and Richard

Called The Donation, it shows volunteers dealing with an unexpected visitor when preparing the hub for a birthday party.

So enthusiastic for the project were Alternate Shadows, there will actually be two versions. The first, the short sketch originally envisioned by Jaye. Second, the longer version, which gathered pace throughout blocking, rehearsal and lighting sessions, as the cast and crew fed off each other’s creativity to expand the idea.

Both versions are in post-production now and we’ll hold a premiere in due course. In the meantime, here’s a few photos, and a teaser video here – no clues, you’ll have to wait and see it!

Huge thanks to Alternate Shadows for giving up their time: Richard, Sophia, Mick, Alex, Mike and Owen, and a special mention for Tracy who worked with us but was unable to attend the shoot.

If all goes well, we’ll look to do more audio/visual projects in the new year. If you want to hire the hub for your own creative endeavours or as a location, please contact Jaye via