Success for the Hub at the KM Big Quiz


Ok, slightly misleading headline there, as we basically sucked at the quiz itself, coming 22nd and 26th out of 27 teams!

But as a result of the Walderslade Wizards and Walderslade Whizkids taking part (and it’s the taking part that’s important, right?) the KM Group has donated a whopping £750 to The Net – more than a month’s income!

This is a fantastic amount for us. We operate on such a tiny budget that this money will make a huge difference in helping us continue to serve our community.

Overall, the evening itself raised £6,000 for Kent charities and the KM Charity Team’s literacy and road-safety and walk-to-school initiatives. Read all about the evening here. 

Next up in the schedule of KM Charity events is the Abseil on March 17th. You can find out more about it here, where there’s a link to sign up if you’d like to represent us. Don’t forget the discount code!

If you’d like a less scary way of raising money for us, please visit our donate page for ideas on how to do this – Co-op membership, Give As You Live or simply donate a cash amount – as little as a fiver will buy the refreshments for our weekly open cafe.

Thank you!

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