The Net Community Hub signs up to Time Credits

We couldn’t operate without a crew of volunteers helping us out – but we always need more!

With that in mind, we’ve joined the great team at Medway Time Credits, so the lovely folk who volunteer with us are rewarded for their efforts.

A Time Credit is a ‘thank you’ for getting involved in your local community and giving your time in a voluntary way to help others. You can earn Time Credits for all kinds of activities, such as helping run our open cafe or assisting with the activities the hub organises. You might even have an idea of an activity you can run yourself, with which we can help you.

For every hour you give to your community, you can earn one Time Credit, which is worth one hour of an activity with any of the Time Credits partners across Medway, London or beyond. Gyms, museums, tourist attractions, art classes – you could access interesting and rewarding opportunities for getting involved with your community.

You can donate Time Credits to someone in your family or your neighbourhood who may benefit from them. You can also spend Time Credits as a group of volunteers or friends. Have a look at www.timecredits.com for places to spend Time Credits and follow Medway Time Credits on FB @KentMedwayTimeCredits and Twitter @MedwayTC.

You can visit our profiles on timecredits.com and take a look at how our earn offer and spend offers. We’d love to see you, so don’t be shy, come in and start earning today.

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