Tuesday is Time To Talk day!


A recent addition to the activities at the hub is a Time To Talk session, run by one of our volunteers, Liz Lloyd.

“People are really benefitting from what you do each week.”

Taking place on a Tuesday afternoon from 1.30pm-3.30pm, it’s already attracted a regular group of people who relish the opportunity to talk around their concerns.

“I left feeling much more optimistic.”

Combining the opportunity to talk out their feelings with mindfulness, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, the feedback for Liz’s dedication and delivery has been fantastic.

“The group was supportive, informative and well prepared, passing on life skills.”

Feel free to drop in any week. If you feel you need a bit more 1-2-1 attention, a thinkaction counsellor is available at the hub on Mondays.  Call 0300 029 3000 to book.

“I learned to relax and calm down.”

Time to Talk was instigated by national organisation Time To Change, to address mental health issues by supporting those with low level needs to avoid further interventions, and to end the stigma surrounding mental health.

“An eye opener, we all opened up.”

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